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Here are some documents you may find useful to review when deciding to become a volunteer in China.

- Preparation Manual

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Great!
You can start your process by contacting EVHS and completing our application form.

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Volunteering with Eco Village of Hope

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Board Members contribute to the project by providing guidance and decision making to the organization as a whole. Meetings are held once a month either in person or by teleconference. Board members are also asked to contribute time to events and to encourage others to join committees or attend functions.

Committees take on special projects or functions that are required to advance the work of the organization. Committees such as Translation, Fundraising and Media are always interested in new members.

Volunteer in China

Donna Mae and Crystal Gifting Crutches and Foods

Volunteers are critical resources for EVHS. Volunteers are ambassadors of their country and culture, and respresent EVHS when in China. We appreciate what you do, and want this to be a great experience for you.
Traveling to China to assist on the ground can be a life changing event both for you and for the children. Any effort, however small makes a huge impact in the lives of children whose very existence is regularly compromised by lack of basic care.

Gloria Brown with lady from Jiudai Yakou Village In order to make your time in China a positive experience for everyone involved, EVHS requires you sign a volunteer agreement and to read a number of docuements that will help prepare you for your experience.

While in China you will work as a team to interact with local villagers and assist in any or all projects underway, for example, health and hygiene program, sewing, environmental clean-up, community children's program, and visiting the State Orphanage.

Nurses doing medical assessment and Crystal recording
Bilingualism (Cantonese/English) is an asset but not required; skills in health care or education are also an asset, but more importantly, a desire to make a difference in the lives of these children is a must. Personal initiative is an important quality in our volunteers as there is not always a prescribed set of activities for you each day. EVHS welcomes personal projects and will work with you to set realistic goals, monitor activities and determine outcomes.