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Suzanne's School of Sewing

Suzanne's School of Sewing Pic3Her goal is to teach basic sewing skills to women so they will have a skill to help them support their families. There are likely few women who can teach as I do, but, of those, fewer still who are willing to travel to these remote villages and live in conditions, shall we say, considerably less than the comforts we are used to.

She started the first project in the Nam On village in 2008, teaching the women how to sew on treadle sewing machines, cut patterns, and stitch up aprons and tote bags. We are hoping to purchase a couple of extra treadle sewing machines for the ladies so that they can continue to work on sewing projects.

EVHS is working with Robin Knudsen from MEDIC "Mercy Economic Development International Canada Corporation" to help create a sustainable sewing program through the use of micro-credits. Our goal, with the help of Mr. Knudsen is to launch the next sewing project using micro-credits.