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Thank You Letter from Handa Rehabilitation & Welfare Association

Respectful EVHS partner,

We would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation to Handa Rehabilitation & Welfare Association Yunnan office, 35 solar lights in December, 2011.
By March 29, 2012, we have given out 28 solar lights. Among them Jiudaoyakou was given 1 light, Lahongku 3 lights and Dali Huangcaoba village 24 lights.

Candle LightHuangcaoba Leprosy recovery village located in Fengyi Town, Dali City, Dali prefecture.
The elevation is 2500m. The village was built in 1958; it is about 12km away from the nearest market (Quansha Lu), no power up until now in the village. They use diesel engine to generate power two hours a day. The adobe houses they are living were built back in 1958 when the village first established. There are 41 people in the village, 32 of them are recovery patients. Those 32 elder people are all with some degree disabilities. One of them is blind, 4 of them amputation, 11 of them had cataract surgery with Handa support.
These elderly people are isolated from outside world and living in deep mountain area. They receive 220RMB subsidy every month from the government. They are not only having the hard life, also have to bear the pain of abandon from their families.

Villagers by fire Nursing assistant Grandpa Zhao Xiong in the village has left his wife and child 40 years ago after he found out he had leprosy. His daughter was 3 years old at that time. 40 years later, Zhao grandpa wishes to see his daughter at least once. So after trying many times, he finally found her contact information and made an appointment to meet her at South Gate of Dali Gucheng. Grandpa Zhao waited from morning to evening but his daughter didn’t show up on their agreed day. He received a message from his daughter afterwards said “Don’t bother our life”. Grandpa Zhao walked home alone in that dark rainy night with a plastic covered him.

This is not only Grandpa Zhao’s individual story, 90% of the elder people in Huangcaoba have children, but only few of them visit them in the village. Even so, they still live strong, grow their own crop and look after each other.

The elders are fixing the old wiresWe were working in Huangcaoba Village on Nov 25-26, 2011. It got dark before 7 o’clock, the village leader said they will generate power after 8pm because of the fund limitation; they only can generate power 2 hours every day. At 8 o’clock, the diesel engine start working in the village, and we finally able to see the lights in the village. Feel so warm when we see the lights shinning from each windows, right at that moment, the lights in our room was off.
Aged old wire in the village

The person in charge checked the wires and found that the wire was broken. Because all the wires are nailed down on wooden board, it was very easy to cause fire. Although the wire was fixed, but the villagers only have 2 hours power each night.

Handa staff went to Dali middle March and gave the villagers the solar lights your organization donated. The elder people like them very much.
Volunteers explaining how to use the solar light Solar light working in village leaders’ house
Grandma Deng said her life gets much easier with your lights. When we give out the lights, the volunteers explained how to use the lights and how to take care of the light. And in the meantime, we introduced EVHS to the villagers and they really appreciate EVHS’s help. When we visited the villagers at night, we found that they start using the solar lights already.

On behalf of the villagers in leprosy village, we would like to thank EVHS for your generous donation and your charity again.

Handa Rehabilitation & Welfare Association Yunnan Office

Villagers holding solar lights